My Personal Galaxy

My Personal Galaxy

Idle mind is devil’s workshop…. So, when you get bored, you spoil your bedroom door. 😉
This is my bed room door leading in to the balcony. I was cleaning my room one day and I found a set of fabric paints and a pack of glitter tubes that I bought long time ago. The fabric paints were on their way to drying and were a bit tacky. Most of us would have thrown them out.
But I have this habit of storing everything I din’t want to throw them. So I was looking around thinking what to do with them. For a long time I was thinking of decorating the door as it looked too plain. So I took a brush and tested if these paints would fare well on the door that was oil painted. And yay! It worked.
So there I was painting the galaxy/ meteor shower (which ever you want to call). I first painted the sun in the middle and added the stars to give a shooting star with tail effect. then I took the glitter and added it to the center of the sun and along a few stars. I let it dry for a few hours.
The good thing about the fabric paints on the oil paint is that if any thing goes wrong you can wipe it off with a wet cloth.
This would be a great idea for decorating door or windows in kids rooms. You may also think about the ceiling. If you want to decorate it a little more, go ahead and add the neon stars along with these, they’ll shine in the night too.

Happy decorating!!



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