Spring Flowers


Spring Flowers

This was my first try at glass painting. All I did was buy the glass painting colors. The frame and the glass were from a wall hanging that contained some random picture. It was one of those days when I had nothing to do, and was sitting, staring at the wall. Then this idea struck me and I experimented with it.

What did I do?

I first removed the old picture that was within the frame. I cleaned the front glass with water to remove any traces of dust and stains and wiped it clean with a newspaper (a dry newspaper works better than cloth or a paper towel with glass as it does not leave any fiber residue).

For the pattern, I chose the floral design on my bed spread. That served the purpose of a stencil. I outlined the pattern with black and filled in with vibrant colors as the background wall was of a pastel shade.

And voila!! The painting was made from items available at home, except for the glass paints.

Cost incurred: Glass paints – Fevicryl Hobby ideas glass paints set – Rs. 90 you can buy it here.

Hope you liked the idea. So why not start decorating your house with this idea 😀