My Personal Galaxy


My Personal Galaxy

Idle mind is devil’s workshop…. So, when you get bored, you spoil your bedroom door. 😉
This is my bed room door leading in to the balcony. I was cleaning my room one day and I found a set of fabric paints and a pack of glitter tubes that I bought long time ago. The fabric paints were on their way to drying and were a bit tacky. Most of us would have thrown them out.
But I have this habit of storing everything I din’t want to throw them. So I was looking around thinking what to do with them. For a long time I was thinking of decorating the door as it looked too plain. So I took a brush and tested if these paints would fare well on the door that was oil painted. And yay! It worked.
So there I was painting the galaxy/ meteor shower (which ever you want to call). I first painted the sun in the middle and added the stars to give a shooting star with tail effect. then I took the glitter and added it to the center of the sun and along a few stars. I let it dry for a few hours.
The good thing about the fabric paints on the oil paint is that if any thing goes wrong you can wipe it off with a wet cloth.
This would be a great idea for decorating door or windows in kids rooms. You may also think about the ceiling. If you want to decorate it a little more, go ahead and add the neon stars along with these, they’ll shine in the night too.

Happy decorating!!



Spring Flowers


Spring Flowers

This was my first try at glass painting. All I did was buy the glass painting colors. The frame and the glass were from a wall hanging that contained some random picture. It was one of those days when I had nothing to do, and was sitting, staring at the wall. Then this idea struck me and I experimented with it.

What did I do?

I first removed the old picture that was within the frame. I cleaned the front glass with water to remove any traces of dust and stains and wiped it clean with a newspaper (a dry newspaper works better than cloth or a paper towel with glass as it does not leave any fiber residue).

For the pattern, I chose the floral design on my bed spread. That served the purpose of a stencil. I outlined the pattern with black and filled in with vibrant colors as the background wall was of a pastel shade.

And voila!! The painting was made from items available at home, except for the glass paints.

Cost incurred: Glass paints – Fevicryl Hobby ideas glass paints set – Rs. 90 you can buy it here.

Hope you liked the idea. So why not start decorating your house with this idea 😀



For the love of ART!!

“Every child is an Artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”  

– Pablo Picasso    

Hi Folks,

This blog is dedicated to all the art lovers.

In our lives, everyone of us would have dwelt in arts and crafts at one point or the other. Be it in our school in classes called “Crafts Period”, or in the coloring books and the colored crafts papers to learn triangles, rectangles and circles 😛 or the meaningless sketches or doodles made when we got our first set of colors. I guess you got the point.. 😀Image So when we could do it as a kid, why can’t we do it now? The blame is attributed to the lack of time or the unavailability of raw material, or lack of patience to look for the required material. Well if those are truly the reasons, then you are at the right place.

This blog aims at exploring simple home made art. We’ll be aiming at Art made out of the stray stuff available at every house. Art that does not require additional material other than  things that are available at the local grocery/retail store or at neighboring tailoring supply store. Art that can be created using items that will not be given another glance after their life.

This site will contain Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas, articles on Home made Art and creative ideas to reuse things.

Do check out our Home Made Art Gallery for a sneak peek in to the kind of ART stuff you can learn here.

Stay tuned for further updates on how to discover your Artistic alter ego…